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I've been playing Craviotto snares since 2009. I have a 6"x14" walnut that is complex and warm, especially with my custom single-ply, steam-bent maple hoops from Lignum Drums. I have a 4.5"x15" beechwood snare that I love for jazz. It has a great surface area for brushwork and is quick, but not bright, when tuned low. 


Murat Diril is making the finest hand-made cymbals in Turkey today. I have been thrilled with my cymbal sound since I started working with them in 2015. Truth is, I have serveral terrific old Istanbul K's - they don't come out anymore. Murat's cymbals are equally complex and feel better to play under the stick. Check out my cymbal channel on YouTube for more examples!

AQUARIAN drumheads

I love Aquarian drumheads because they sound great - their Vintage series gets the best jazz bass drum sound ever. More than that, they are super swell folks who take a sincere interest in the drumming community. They go the extra mile for their drummers and I am thrilled to be playing Aquarian since 2015. I use a mix of Vintage (even some 2-ply) and Texture Coated heads.

LOS CABOS drumsticks

Los Cabos sticks come from Canada, where they have access to terrific hard rock maple. I use Los Cabos because they have a number of sticks on the larger side, and even though I play jazz, thin sticks don't fit well in my hards. Los Cabos sticks are very consistent and perfectly matched every time, I use their Jazz and Power Maple sticks, as well as all their brushes and mallets.

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