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  • Whenever the combo locked into a particularly compelling groove, drummer Greg Wyser-Pratte’s dancing brushwork usually served as the propellant. He’s the Bay Area ringer in West’s ace New York band....

    -Andrew Gilbert, The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Pay special attention to drummer Wyser-Pratte. He works the high end - snare drum/cymbals - with a zingy, easy zeal that drives things forward, keeps them a bit on edge.

    -Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz
  • Exquisitely tasteful.

    -John Corbett, Chicago Reader
  • …it takes exactly one tune to know how much phosphorescent burn…drummer Greg Wyser-Pratte can generate…. By the time “Old Black Magic” is finished, the bandstand is ablaze.

    -Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News
  • Greg Wyser-Pratte fills out the soundscape with a full breadth of percussion that is intimately connected to everything happening around him.

    -Tim Gault, Chicago Jazz Magazine

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  • Places Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Places

    Artist: Christian Tamburr

    Release Date: 2011

    Genre: Jazz


    "You the Night and the Music” begins with a clean, musical introduction with the drums Tamburr is coaxed to enter. A “cat and mouse” game ensues until the bass and piano joining in to make this 1934 Arthur Schwartz composition truly simmer. Very nice feature of the entire ensemble and especially drummer Greg Wyser-Pratte.

    -Bruce Pulver, JazzTimes

    1. You ande Night and… 00:05:25

  • Earth Sign Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Earth Sign

    Artist: NIA Quintet

    Release Date: 2012

    Genre: Jazz


    ...First rate rhythm section...they are all definitely on the same page.

    -Harvey Spiders, JazzTimes Magazine

    1. Earth Sign 00:07:28

  • Spectified Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Spectified

    Artist: Dave Specter

    Release Date: 2010

    Genre: Blues


    Guitarist Dave Specter knows his blues and he has a track record to prove it. This set is, however, more reflective of the extent of his musical knowledge and appreciation for different forms. It's also a rare example of an instrumental set which loses nothing with repeated listens—and its ability to put a smile on the face only seems to grow with each successive spin.

    -Nic Jones, All About Jazz

    1. Blues Call 00:05:55

  • Over Here/Over Heard Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Over Here/Over Heard

    Artist: Dan Cray Trio

    Release Date: 2008

    Genre: Jazz


    Often, when a trio plays jazz, it covers classics or performs original material written by the leader—usually the pianist. On Over Here Over Heard, the Dan Cray Trio does both and pleases a live audience in the process. The Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer classic, "That Old Black Magic," is given a fresh, invigorating treatment. Cray carries the lead throughout, but Sommers and Wyser-Pratte engage proudly. The drummer really comes through during the song's climactic conclusion. Cray does more than justice to Horace Silver's "Barbara." This upbeat selection is one of the more enjoyable pieces on a recording that's loaded with them. Cray's piano is exceptional, while Wyser-Pratte's mix on the toms, snare and cymbals adds a nice complement. Already engaging, the song comes to a high-energy conclusion. Over Here Over Heard is an enjoyable collection of seven tracks. All run more than six and a half minutes, giving the musicians plenty of room to operate.

    -Woodrow Wilkins, All About Jazz

  • Save Us! Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Save Us!

    Artist: Dan Cray Trio

    Release Date: 2005

    Genre: Jazz


    The Dan Cray Trio's third recording is their most rewarding thus far. The many hours spent playing together really show, as pianist Cray, bassist Clark Sommers, and drummer Greg Wyser-Pratte all communicate very well, often seeming to think as one. Their interpretations of a variety of jazz standards (plus three originals) are full of subtle surprises, including the classical-oriented introduction to "Just One of Those Things" and the unusual rhythmic patterns given "When You Wish Upon a Star." One can hear bits of Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau in some of the improvisations, but in reality The Dan Cray Trio have their own identity within jazz's modern mainstream. Recommended.

    -Scott Yanow

    1. Don’t You Worry… 00:05:56

  • End of Time Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: End of Time

    Artist: NIA Quintet

    Release Date: 2005

    Genre: Jazz

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    ...it's almost a rarity these days to hear a new jazz ensemble differentiate itself from the pack. The quintet's forthright mission of execution, substantiated by unwavering commitment, delivers the winning edge.

    - Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

  • No One Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: No One

    Artist: Dan Cray Trio

    Release Date: 2003

    Genre: Jazz


    No One is the second release from the Dan Cray Trio. It features the pianist with Clark Sommers on bass and Greg Wyser-Pratte on drums, exciting their listeners with a unique blend of polish, enthusiasm, and emotional depth. Cray seems to have cleared his mind of everything and improvises from a clean slate on 11 excellent songs. However, the reflexes of jazz are not totally eradicated because the trio's use of existing harmony, rhythm, and melody from such songs as "Let's Face the Music and Dance," or "The Lady Is a Tramp" continue to serve as a springboard for their unique improvisations. Some of the music heard here, such as "Woody n' You" and "For All We Know" will bowl you over, while some of the originals will give you many reasons to believe in -- and look forward to -- more of Dan Cray's excellent composing and piano skills.

    -Paula Edelstein, Allmusic.com

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  • Greg Wyser-Pratte

    Quick Facts


    Drummer Greg Wyser-Pratte played both piano and trumpet before realizing his true passion for percussion at age 18. Following a BM degree from Northwestern University, Greg honed his skills in Chicago where he performed with the area’s top artists, including Von Freeman, Ron Perrillo, Dan Trudell, Bobby Broom, and Ira Sullivan. In addition to his freelance work, Greg is a longstanding member of the Dan Cray Trio and toured regularly with Dave Specter’s blues projects. Highlights from Greg’s associations include major festivals in both the United States - the Chicago, the Idlewild, and the San Jose Jazz Festivals - and Europe - the Lucerne Blues Festival and the Netherlands Crossing Border Festival.

    Greg relocated to San Francisco in 2009, and shortly thereafter he joined celebrated vibraphonist Christian Tamburr’s Quartet. Since 2010, Greg has been performing with vocalist Paula West, including her recent engagement at Feinstein's at the Nikko. Greg can be heard alongside many of the Bay Area’s other top jazz and blues musicians including Dayna Stephens, Wil Blades, Adam Theis, Mike Olmos, and Steve Freund. Recent national and international tours include performances with vocalists Rene Marie, Clint Holmes, and Charenee Wade, trumpeters Dominic Farinacci and Tatum Greenblatt, saxophonists Jacam Manricks and Bob Reynolds, and pianist Aaron Diehl. In addition to his live performances, Greg is in high demand in the studio, and has received critical acclaim for his appearances on over 20 full-length albums. Recent releases include Places by Christian Tamburr featuring pianist Eric Reed. Finally, Greg is an avid educator who enjoys sharing his concepts with others through clinics and private instruction. He currently maintains a teaching studio in San Francisco for students of all ages.

    Greg plays Murat Diril Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Los Cabos Drumsticks and otherwise uses mostly vintage Gretsch Round Badge drums. I also have some vintage Zildjian K Istanbul cymbals which come out from time to time.

Lessons & Clinics

"Greg is an excellent teacher. His knowledge, patience and enthusiasm fosters learning, creativity and fun with each lesson. Greg's professional skillset and demeanor combine to make time spent valuable and productive. Most importantly, his personality helps make each session interactive, open to questions and once again, fun. I would recommend Greg to teach drums for anyone looking to better their current skillset or learn from scratch."  - Mark Manzo, student

I am a patient and encouraging teacher with a broad base of knowledge to share with you. Yes, I specialize in jazz, but really that means I specialize in all styles of modern organic drumming. I have a lot of rock, R&B, and Latin experience, and those sounds are part of the current fabric of jazz. If you desire to approach your own style of music with a balance of skill and creativity, then you need to study with a jazz drummer.

"Greg is a phenomenal drum teacher and person. He is very methodical and encouraging in his approach to teaching. Incredibly, he has been able to keep my distractable seven-year old son on track and progressing at a good clip. Greg is also just a really kind, calm and patient soul. Combine these attributes with a highly-developed skill set in drumming and you have, at your hands, a truly gifted teacher."  - G.S., parent of current student

I prefer motivated students with a positive attitude, but I have managed to garner improvement for even the most non-practicing of drummers! My drumming philosophy balances the necessity of mechanics with the importance of musical vision. To foster rapid progress, this general strategy includes: developing the sufficient technique and coordination to suit your playing style, improving time-keeping skills, developing creativity and improvisation, and learning by playing along with your favorite songs. We work with our imaginations, hand-written exercises, books, and recorded music. I work easily with those who want a complete drumming regimen, or can shift my attention to focus on your particular weaknesses or areas of interest. Together we determine your areas of study, and I always look for several ways to improve a single problem you may be having.

"Great instructor! Excellent, well organized teaching method. I'm seeing rapid improvement. I highly recommend Greg."  - Ben Riefe, student

In San Francisco, I teach out of a professional music studio with two drum kits near the Balboa Park BART station. I have also have space for current students to book individual practice time. In addition, I love the master class educational format and have extensive experience as a clinician. For more information, check out my TEDx Talk or my educational site, jazzdrumminglessons.com which include some of my musical concepts and approach. Interested? Please send me an email directly.

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Studio Location: 2377 San Jose Ave. San Francisco, CA
Email: gwp@gregdrums.com
Phone: 847.902.0828

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